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Transporter and operator problem

A furniture shop has one customer service counter and 3 warehouses, each stocking a different type of furniture. All products can be either weight category 1 or 2, regardless of the warehouse. Furniture is delivered through one entrance directly to the warehouses. The delivery frequency is defined by an exponential distribution with the parameters

(0, 70, 0). New customers queue at the checkout with a frequency according to an exponential distribution with parameters (0, 60, 0). The queue has the shape of a straight line and can only accommodate 15 people. Each additional person leaves the shop unsatisfied. After payment, the cashier sends the customer to one of three warehouses from where he or she will pick up the purchased product. If another customer is already being served in a particular warehouse, he or she must wait at the checkout for their turn. When the customer reaches the service counter in the warehouse, his new purchase must be delivered to him. Light products (categorised as 1) are brought in manually by an employee, while heavy products (categorised as 2) are brought in by a transporter. The customer service time at the checkout and in the warehouses is always 60s.

I have a problem with this transporting of parcels with the label ‘Weight’ to Combiners (if I click on a package, it has a Weight of 1 or 2), as errors appear ‘Label property Weight retrieved on /Warehouse1/Box. Label does not exist. at MODEL:/Warehouse1>variables/transportdispatcher’

project.fsmFlexSim2023 update 2

FlexSim 23.2.0
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In the "Use Transport" field of the racks you use the label "Waga" as the case value, not "Weight". FlexSim is not a translator. ;-)


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Thank you! But why are light parcels marked ‘1’ carried by the Transporter and heavy parcels carried by the operator? I'm trying to swap Center Ports but nothing changes, I've also tried swapping Center Port By Case values but that has no effect.

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After swapping the ports, the logic works as expected for me.



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