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HTML control could not be initialized because the webkit library could not be loaded

Hi, after I updated to 16.1.0, both the start page and user manual cannot be opened. No other operation, just updated the software.

The procedure entry point ucrtbase.terminate could not be located in the dynamic link library api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll.

FlexSim 16.1.0
webkitsoftware updatevisual c++ redistributable for visual studio 2015.api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dllucrtbase.terminate
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That looks like the Universal C Runtime on your computer has problems, and it is causing WebKit to not load properly. WebKit is the library that renders the Start Page, User Manual, Dashboards, and Experimenter Results.

You may be able to fix this error by downloading all the latest updates for Windows through Windows Update.

You can also fix this error by installing the latest Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015.

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Hi Phil,

Along with the above-mentioned problems, I have seen some cases with FlexSim crashing when the conveyor module objects are imported into the model.


Arun KR

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We have the same problem here, not on our dev machines with Visual Studio installed but on a client machine. How come this suddenly occurs in 16.1, was the C++ Redistributable part of the installation before but not anymore?

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We updated to a newer version of Webkit in 16.1. It is using Windows dll functions that were added with Windows Update KB2999226 (the "Universal CRT" update). These dlls are not included with the regular CRTs that are installed by default with FlexSim.

Most computers should work fine (with or without Visual Studio), but for operating systems that haven't installed certain Windows Updates, you can get the updated dlls manually by installing the 2015 C++ Redistributable.

We may be able to modify the installer for future versions to check whether the Universal CRT is missing, and then have the installer download and run the 2015 C++ Redistributable automatically, similarly to how we handle the .NET framework.

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@phil.bobo it looks like the library is part of windows 10 system. The library doesn't exists on older windows versions like 8.1. You have to install a windows software development kit sdk, if you look on the Microsoft Internet site. Further down on this sdk description site you find links to download parts of it. The Unified Windows 10 C Runtime library downloads starts with the a separate package file that contains several Microsoft Update Standalone files for different Windows Versions. You can choose the one for the system you are running Flexsim on and start it. Perhaps you give us a hint which language we should use.

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My participants come across this during the training today. Wonder if it is due to the same problem.

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Hi @david.chan, you'll have to try the fix shared by @phil.bobo, above, and let us know if that fixes the issue for the computer in your training.

If not, please start a new question that can have its own unique answer, rather than piggybacking on this question since it already has an accepted answer that worked for the originally posted problem.

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