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Major Updates of Flexsim since 2014

Could someone please help me summarize the major updates of the software Flexsim since 2014? Very much appreciated!

FlexSim 17.0.0
software update
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Attached you'll find the release notes (flexsim-1701-notes.txt) from our latest version, 17.0.1 (FlexSim 2017, first bugfix). Release notes from all available versions can be found within your FlexSim Account, on the download page, but the release notes contain the full change log from all time, so you really just need to look at the notes for the most recent version (like that attached to this post).

Since 2014, back in FlexSim's 7.0 days, FlexSim has added many new features. Whether a new feature is "major" or not depends on how useful it is to you in your particular simulations. Some of the more prominent additions are:

  • Process Flow - building logic flowchart-style
  • FlexScript updates - dot-syntax added, new variable types, arrays
  • improved OpenGL compatibility - FlexSim works on a wider range of graphics cards. Compatibilty with Intel integrated graphics is significantly improved
  • improved graphics in general - faster, smoother, shadows, shaders
  • support for more 3D file formats
  • bone animations
  • SQL for querying in-model data
  • new video recorder tool
  • improved presentation builder
  • new modules for Conveyors, AGVs, and A-star path finding
  • tracked variables enhancements for better stat collecting
  • Oculus Rift support, stereoscopic display support
  • support for 3D mice
  • high-DPI aware
  • fast Excel import
  • export dashboards to HTML

There were also some really important additions added at the end of 2013 with FlexSim's 7.0 release:

  • 64-bit
  • new dockable-windowed interface
  • multi-core support for optimizations

Beyond this short list, there are literally hundreds (probably thousands) of additions and improvements, let alone bugfixes, that have enhanced FlexSim since 2014. If anyone reading this list can think of other recent software enhancements that have improved your simulation life, let us know in the comments below. I've probably missed some.

There are so many reasons to check out the latest and greatest with FlexSim. Our dev team is always hard at work on the next improvements to make your simulations better, faster, easier, and more powerful.

If you have a suggestion for a new feature, or a bug to report, please let us know!

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Shuo Zhang avatar image Shuo Zhang commented ·

Thanks, Ben! This is exactly what I am looking for!

In terms of suggestion for new feature, I would like to see more of improvements of animation to make it easier to develop and customize.

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Ben Wilson avatar image Ben Wilson ♦♦ Shuo Zhang commented ·

@Shuo Zhang, this post explains how you can request features or get community discussion going on an idea:

When submitting to dev@ or creating an idea, the more specifics you can provide, with examples, illustrations, etc - anything that helps explain your idea, clarify, provide context, etc. - is most useful.

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