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Improvement suggestions to [email protected] or as ideas on the forum?


I have noticed that most of the time one does not get any feedback when sending emails to [email protected] even if the ideas might be implemented into a future FlexSim release. At this forum one gets answers to improvement suggestions and I would generally be interested in if the improvements I have suggested make any sense to FlexSim developers. If not, I or some other FlexSim user could perhaps elaborate the idea or tweak it to better fit the general need of modellers.

I would find it helpful to receive at least an automatic confirmation email that the idea was received if sent to [email protected] and it would be great to get some feedback as well.

Or would you rather, that improvement suggestions are sent through the answers site and the suggest idea in the development section? There other users can also comment them.

Thank you!

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As we laid out in the article How do I submit feature requests or bug reports?, we don't typically respond to emails sent to [email protected]. Those emails go through an automated process that converts the email into an issue in our issue tracking software. The FlexSim developers then look at these new issues during periodic meetings where the issue is discussed and then a priority is assigned to the issue relative to the other issues in the list. We occasionally reach out to the submitter if we need clarification or when it is valuable to discuss the idea in more depth.

This Answers site is a more ideal place to have discussions and, thus, if you're hoping for a response we encourage posting questions and ideas. Questions are the ideal way to report a bug when you're also looking for a workaround. Ideas are ideal for posting feature requests where you'd like to start a discussion and get feedback.

For suggestions where you'd like to start discussion, I would suggest you first create an idea on Answers and then also send an email to [email protected] that includes the link to the idea. That way we can respond on the idea page if we want to discuss and it'll be easier to update the idea when we begin work on the suggestion or complete it.

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Hi @Matthew Gillespie

I had not seen the post that you linked to. That makes sense. Thank you for the suggestions.

Kind regards,


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