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kiva project simulation example

Hi, is there any KIVA project example, or sample to beginner? I have seen several kiva simulation proposal, but on the level of theoretical, not pratical.

FlexSim 19.0.0
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Joerg Vogel answered Kyle Y commented

The standard approach consists of an A*star module system. In 2016 I developed a basic system that defined the layout from tables and the basic routing used tables too. The model hadn't a collision procedure.

The model is based on two queues. The queue stacking method is set to none. I move the kiva rack items from one queue to the other. I get the area cells from the tables. The KIVA-vehicles drive rectangular to the destination using preferred streets in the layout.

My anti-collision idea would consist of an dynamic priority system. The nearer a vehicle gets to its destination the higher its priority gets. Any vehicle in the path of collision would step into an empty cell and let pass the vehicle with the higher priority. I can control a prevention of collisions by setting cell values in the path tables. The values would tell me when a vehicle occupies a cell and which vehicle conquers the cell. Another approach uses the collision spheres. The size of the spheres would increase, if the possible bypass cells would be decreasing in the path of travel.

I posted an animated Gif at an answer to the question advice for a grid based agv system (like Kiva Systems)

The attached files were the models of the animation now in current versions.



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Thank you so much, it is exactly what I want. Just one more question, how could I export the 3D, like the KIVA vehicle and rack, to my computer? It seems the node packedmedia node is missing in the attached model. Thank you.

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Sure:kiva-regal-pr1.wrl , kiva-veh-pr1.wrl.

The loaded rack uses added objects of the visuals/animation editor on the general tab.

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kiva-veh-pr1.wrl (201.2 KiB)
kiva-regal-pr1.wrl (119.2 KiB)

got that. you are so nice. Thank you.

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