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martin.j asked Joerg Vogel edited

Get BackOrder Fulfillment degree from list

Is it possible to get the backorder fulfilled degree/value from a backorder?

I have an order on a list pulling resources and at some point I want to produce the exact amount remaining to fill the order. To do that I will need to get its backorder from the list and find out how much of its original requested/required resources it has already been assigned and set about producing the rest.

I imagine the code would go something like this:

List resourceList = List("ResourceList");
int orderIndex = resourceList.backOrders().toArray().indexOf();
List.BackOrder backOrder = resourceList.backOrders(orderIndex);
double requested = backOrder.numRequested;
double fulfilled  = backOrder.??????;
double toProduce = requested-fulfilled;
FlexSim 20.1.0
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Matthew Gillespie answered Joerg Vogel edited

This isn't a property on the Backorder object in the API right now, but maybe it should be. You can get this number by calling getsdtvalue() on the backorder like this:

getsdtvalue(List("ItemList1").backOrders()[1], "numFulfilled")

Note that since we haven't officially exposed this property through the API we make no guarantee that this code will continue to work in future versions of the software.

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@Matthew Gillespie Thanks Matthew, that seems to work. But as an alternative, is there similarly a way to look at a list entry and determine how much is left of a label - Weight - that I have already partially pulled an amount from?

If I have a list entry that originally held 20 in a Weight label, but 5 was pulled by a SELECT Weight statement - Can I somehow find out how much is left in the entry?

As you can see from the image below I can get the list entry, but the getsdtvalue() can't seem to get the "staticFields" values, of which I am technically only interested in the first one. I have tried declaring "fields" as a variable but the result is always the same. I can get the "pushTime" though.

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fs-listentries.png (37.2 KiB)

@martin.jensen, you get by the methods and properties in the namespace of Lists only the value back no matter what you try. BUT if you have used a global list, you can query your list as a table. Then you have access to the values of fields of a list. Here you find an example.

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