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ProcessFlow class - module SDK


I am trying to explore a little bit further the module SDK and now I am trying to create some new ProcessFlow activities. When I use the SDK to create a new object class, I can set at the object header, that the class is inheriting a FlexSim Object, FixedResource and so on, but when I am creating a new ProcessFlow activity, what should I inherit, and how could I inherit some ProcessFlow existing activity to customize it?

Thanks in advance.

FlexSim 20.2.0
processflowflexsim 20.2.0module sdkactivity
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Looks like the Process Flow SDK is not included with the module SDK. I'll have to try and get that built and uploaded.

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@matt.long thanks! this will help a lot.

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@lucas.klein, do you still need help with this?
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@benjamin.w2 yes, I still need. I checked at the download sessions and looks like the SDK has not been updated yet. Could you please confirm the progress and if it will be released at the 20.2 version or check if it has been uploaded somewhere else?

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Hi Lucas, sorry for the delay. We have uploaded the module SDK for version 20.2, which now includes the headers and lib files for Process Flow. You can download the SDK from the website, under the Modules section.

To answer your question, if your activity is similar to an existing activity, you may have success inheriting the similar activity. It may be easier to start from scratch, though. In that case, you can inherit Activity or BlockingActivity, depending on whether tokens can be stopped on your new activity. For example, AssignLabels is not a blocking activity, but a Delay is.

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Thanks @jordan.johnson, at the beginning I didn't found the ProcessFlow headers at the solution, but it is in the module folder, so I just need to add the "ProcessFlowContent" folder and add the existing ".h" files inside, correct?

The starting from scratch snippet at Activity.h helps a lot too, but I was just in doubt about where these "ProcessFlow.cpp" and "ModelView.cpp" files are.

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That comment is out of date. Every module has the methods createsdtderivative() and createodtderivative(); in the module template, those methods are in module.cpp.

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oh okay! Thanks =]

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