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Philip Diem asked Ben Wilson commented

How to release operators and processors independently in processflow

I would like to hava an operator pick up an item and bring it to an available processor.
The operator is meant to be running on a loop but not to be waiting for the processors to finish.

So I would like to have the processors to be released when the process is finished, independent from the operator.

As I have the operator on a loop, flexsim creates an array on the label with the references to the processors.

Thats fine, I juat don't know to access this correctly to release the correct processor.
If i just use "first/last aquired" it overloads the processor and creates a weird round robin like pattern.

I attached a Model to show what I try to do.


I attached a new Model.
Ignore the AGV Stuff, that's just to show why I can't use a simple A-connection and use the standard functions of the processors.

Thanks in advance


FlexSim 20.1.0
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Jason Lightfoot answered Jason Lightfoot edited

operators-processors_jl20.1.fsmThere's a bigger question I think as to why you don't think much of the standard behaviour would do what you want, but for now we can try and change your model to get what you seem to want.

Because your operator token is acquiring multiple processor resources and then you create a childtoken in its own branch to release specific instances, it's probably just easier to use a list for FreeProcessors. That way you avoid having to consider parent label access etc.

On the Reset trigger of the processors you can just enter:


and add a reference to that Global list in your Operator process flow. Attached is the altered model that does this.


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gilbert jerald answered Philip Diem commented

@philip.d2 I have used the List and Event trigger source option in the process flow to accomplish your idea. i have attached the model for your reference have a look at it.

Operator Support Model.fsm


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Thanks for the Answer, but unfortunately that's not what I want. I'd like to have the operator token on a loop.

I attached a new model to the original post that shows Why I it would probably be pretty complicated to use the standard A-connection.


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