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FloWorks 2024 Update 1 released

Talumis FloWorks for FlexSim

FloWorks 24.1.0 is now available (17 April 2024). This version of FloWorks is intended for use with FlexSim 2024 Update 1.

If you are using FloWorks with FlexSim 2024 (LTS), please use FloWorks version 24.0.3 (LTS).

All versions can be found in the Downloads section of your FlexSim account on the 3rd party modules tab. Please do not hesitate to report any bugs, usability improvements and feature requests to [email protected].

About FloWorks

FloWorks is a 3rd party module developed and maintained by Talumis BV ( It provides faster and more accurate modelling and calculation of fluid systems than the default FlexSim fluid library. It is especially useful within the oil, gas, and bulk industry both for production and supply chain optimization. This module requires a FloWorks license with active maintenance.

For any questions, please email [email protected].

Release notes

View the full release notes in the online documentation.

FloWorks 24.1.0 (17 April 2024)

  • Feature: new "Apply Impact Factor" activity in ProcessFlow.
  • Feature: new "Connect Flow Objects" and "Disconnect Flow Objects" activities in ProcessFlow.
  • All bug fixes in FloWorks 24.0.3 below.

FloWorks 24.0.3 (17 April 2024)

  • QuickProperties behavior improved.
  • Fixed invalid manual references.
  • Fixed missing code completion documentation.

FloWorks 24.0.2 (6 March 2024)

  • Made activity path references in warning message more clear.
  • Restore missing Flow Trigger Process Flow activities to the library.
  • Fixed Tank level indicator settings for some tank shapes.
  • Add Accumulating checkbox to the Conveyor properties.

FloWorks 24.0.1 (5 February 2024)

  • Added vertical splitter to Mixer recipe editor and other small layout improvements.
  • Fixed missing icons in statistics panel pin menus.
  • Flow Polygon Tank property panels fixed and documentation updated.
  • Added "Fill Sideways" property for Flow Polygon Tank.
  • IsMultiProduct setting on Flow Tank is now a proper property.
  • Renamed Flow Tank shapes from Cylindric and Rectangular to Tank and Container, respectively.
  • Fixed "Copy Production Plan" button in Flow To Item properties.
  • Some objects were not correctly reset.
  • ItemToFlow statistics were accessible through .output instead of .input.

Breaking changes:

  • Deprecated the input.triggerAmount, input.triggerInterval, output.triggerAmount, and output.triggerInterval properties.
  • FlowObject.stats.input and FlowObject.stats.output now return a Tracked Variable.
  • Cylindric level indicator now expects size of bounding box instead of center and radius. The update script will try to convert these for you.

FloWorks 24.0.0 (14 January 2024)

  • All bug fixes in FloWorks 23.0.5 below.
  • Improved warning and error messages throughout
  • Fixed rounding issue in Mass Flow Conveyor
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