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Stop working at a specific time

Hi everyone
I have made a TimeTable for the operator to work from 8:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday.
There is a machine that takes 1 h 30 min to process an item, so I want that, if it is 15:30 or later, the operator does not go to the machine, but does something else.
I can´t keep the operador from going to the machine.

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FlexSim 21.2.2
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Hi Oscar,

you could make the decision to call it or not based on the time of the day.

take a look at the class Datetime

for instance:


will get you the hour of the day in the simulation

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Thanks, but I have already observed that link and I still can´t get it.

If I put Model.datetime.hour<15 it does nothing

and if I put DateTime.hour<15 gives me an error.

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Hello Oscar,

I believe it is just a matter of improper syntax (it is case sensitive...)

In the section I sent, there are several examples showing the correct use:

  1. Model.dateTime.hour

This will return a double number and you can compare it to any other value you like.

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That is the first thing that I tried before asking the question. I don´t know if I am doing something else wrong.


Even if I put that, he keeps going to the processor after the 3 pm.

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