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How can I compute the utilization time during shifts and the overtime ?


I deleted my post by mistake so here it is again.

I am trying to model an operating room.
I want to:

  • compute the time the resource were used during their shift (utilization)
  • compute the time the resource were used during the breaks (overtime)

My problems is that the utilization graph provided in the library computes the utilization during the shifts AND the breaks... and that it is a percentage instead of being in minutes.

I though of a possible solution. I want to create of twin of each of my resource. Every time the initial resource is on break, the twin will be used instead. Thus, the utilization of the twin will be the overtime of the initial resource. Thus raises another question though: how can I change resource when a process is ongoing? The following figure illustrated my proposition.


Is this solution relevant / the best way to go? If yes, how can I implement it? If not, can you provide with another idea?

Thanks in advance,


FlexSim 21.0.10
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I would try instead to add a state profile (rank 3 perhaps after Availability and HC States) that records three scheduled states - working, lunch, non-working and then when there is any state change in that or the HC state, you can see which combination applies and use the usual options to record it (tracked variable, statistics collectors etc).

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Thank you for your answer.

In my understanding:

  • each object can have several profiles (ex: Availability)
  • each profile gives a list of states (ex: Available, Acquired, Unavailable)

So, for this model, I will create a profile CustomProfile with the following states:

  • Break = the scheduled breaks in time table from 8am to 8pm
  • NightShift = everyday from 8pm to 8am
  • DayShift = the rest of the time

Thus, I can have the following combinations:

Profile 1 // Profile 3











Night Utilization

For example, when the OR is in (Acquired, DayShift), is is considered as utilization.

Everytime a specific combination happens, I count the time the OR spends in that specific state.

My questions are:

  • I think I know how to create a custom profile for one OR. How can I create the same custom profile easily for all ORs ?
  • How can I identify when the OR is in one of the Break, NightShift and DayShift states?

Thanks in advance,


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Here's a model with a user command to assert the stateprofile. Then you can use the normal methods of finding the state.


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Hi @Jason Lightfoot ! I'm not sure I understand what you put in your model, could you please elaborate ?

Thanks in advance :)

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