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Pickup batch of totes from several different racks

Hi everyone, I have a problem with picking batach (4 ) of totes from several racks using list and deliver to one queue.

I asked for somethig simmilar, but that was different case Unloading Batch.

In this case I have a RackList with all of the totes in Warehouse. Totes have some lablels ex. ID number. In table Mrowa_1_tab (order list) is list with ID I need to deliver to one queue.

I used pull from List where I compere ID of tote from the warehous and ID from the Mrowka_1_tab, to pull only the totes there are in order list.1654078973865.pngUsing the previous solutions it doesn't work.

Here is my model


FlexSim 22.0.0
1654078973865.png (3.9 KiB)
ex-racks-batch3.fsm (164.6 KiB)
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What doesn't work? Your tokens do pull things off the list. But you don't need the subflow to pull 4 items - just put 4 in the quantity to be pulled and instead of using AssignTo - select InsertAtFront of for the pulled array.

Having done this you will see that you don't have 4 things on the list with that index number so it will stop.

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Thanks @Jason Lightfoot for your answer ,but I'm afraid we misunderstood.

Let's chceck my model attached.

When I delete query form PullFormList it works. But it pull all of the totes form the RackList.

The thing I would like to do is to Pull only the totes which are in the order list - Table "Mrowka_1_tab" .I need to compere these two values (ID in the table and ID in RackList)


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ex-racks-batch4.fsm (164.6 KiB)
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When you call runSubflow and create 4 tokens they all have the same value for "Indeks" since they are copied from the token with tokenIndex1. So you can 4 tokens trying to pull items with 2 off the list.

Why are you creating 7 tokens (the number of rows in the Parameters_Tab table)?

You could create the number of picks in Mrowka_1_tab and batch them in groups of 4 aggregating the ID number into an IDs array. I show this in the attached model. You need to specify the token.Unload label somewhere.


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Thank You for your help! It works :)

PS: I sampled by mistake the Parameters_Tab to create tokens...

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