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agv various problems

0701.fsmI have a model now and I'm having some problems

Question 1

I don't understand why my model cannot be implemented smoothly now. When my Q2 goods accumulate quickly, it will show that I cannot successfully create a task sequence, but I should have ended the previous task sequence. And I also use the pull-list function in the model to determine whether I need to park or move the next cargo.

Question 2

I now want to use the waypoint function for simulation, but I now observe that my model may not have the opportunity to trigger this function. How can I adjust the process of the model to give me the opportunity to use the waypoint function.

FlexSim 20.0.10
agvpullfromlistway point logic
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Hi @mark zhen ,

Please be aware that your FlexSim version is past its supported lifecycle and is no longer eligible for paid technical support. For more information, please see the article "Software Support Lifecycle".

Community members here may still be able to offer advice, but features have been added and bugs fixed in the time since your software version was released. You may find that an offered solution that works in more recent versions of the software is not compatible with your old version, or that a posted sample must be opened in a recent version.

Contact your local FlexSim distributor for information on upgrading or getting a trial license.

Good luck!

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1) When you pull AGVs you use a 0 as the request and require number. This means that the pull actually just queries the list. Any entries that fit the query will be assigned to the token (but left on the list). The token will always continue immediately, even if no entries are found, which is why you are running into problems with the task sequence, because the labels will contain NULL values.


it would be easier to not have the "isIdle" expression and instead have only AGVs on the list that are available. Then pull them (request/require = 1) and once the task is finished push them back to the list.

2) I'm not sure what exactly you mean here or what goal you pursue. The Waypoint tab in the AGV properties? Why wouldn't you be able to use those in your model?

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Now I can DELAY it for 0.001 seconds and it can be executed smoothly, but my current problem is that I want the WAYPOINT function, but my current situation cannot use it. Can you give me an example to reference how to design this situation? Are there any examples about AGV charging that you can give a reference to?

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You still have not given any details what you want to accomplish with waypoints. Do you mean travel from A to B should use a longer, pre-determined route defined by CPs along the way (waypoints)?

Because the waypoint feature of the AGV system allows you to run any code you want once an AGV arrives at a CP, so just the fact that you want to utilize the system is not much help to understand you goals.

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07001.fsmWhat I want to use now is to design a situation where two cars may collide with each other and use WAYPOINT to dodge. And now I have encountered a new situation. My model has now encountered a situation where it will not move at all.

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