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How to add objects group in custom library?

Hi Team,

I want to add group of objects in custom library but it is only copying single object "boundary wall" to library not complete group.

How to add complete group in library?


Thank you!

FlexSim 21.1.5
groupobjectscustom library
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Hi @Ankur A3 ,
If you want to add all of the objects as one in the custom library, you should move those objects to a container object (such as a plane object) and then try to add the container object to the custom library. I recommend you to read this part of the manual "Using Containers as a Model Management Tool" and also this "Custom Libraries" to learn how to do it.

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Hi @Sebastián Cañas,

Thank you for your answer!

Once objects are dropped from custom library instead of standard library, it is not available in respective group. I need to add it manually in group every time to make model work.


Is there any better way to do it?

Thank you!

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Hi @Ankur A3,

Sure! There should be a way to do it, however, I suggest you post this as a different question since it's different from the original one. This way we can keep things more organized. Remember reading the best practices for using this site.

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If the objects in the custom library are in the group/lists then the created instances will be added when you drop a copy of the collection/cell into the model (hit reset to check the lists entries). Note that if they are in the list and not in the model - this is also likely to be a problem.

However if you create a new model or load the library, then the objects do not know in which groups they belong. This is because FlexSim objects are not transportable - in that not self-contained and rely on other objects to define their behaviour/ properties - in this case the coupling to Group object. In other cases it's the membership of a Timetable, MTBF/MTTR, or the need for specific parameters in the parameters table. etc...

One way to get around this oversight is to list which groups the object is a member as a label on the object and then use the onDrop or onCreate behavior to reinstate both the group, if it does not already exist, and the object's membership.

Another way is to just assert the membership during the reset based on the label that lists groups of which it is a member.

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