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Loadind pallets onto trucks

Hello i create a model to load 3 pallets with box on in a truck by using run sub flow, but after my ressource load the first pallet in the truck , it does mouvements but doesnt take any pallets. attached my model for more details


FlexSim 23.0.2
loadingunload itemsloading onto the truck
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Hi @Ousmane,

I have made a couple of changes to your processflow to get it working as you described. The first issue was how your decide activity was working. It was causing tokens to be sent to the sink instead of moving down to be loaded. To fix this I removed the decide and the sink, and instead created a batch of three items using a batch activity. This means that the truck will not move until all three pallets are ready. I also created an array that holds the information for each of the pallets so that your run subflows can work properly.

This leads to the second issue, your subflows weren't loading any other pallets after the first one because they had no references to other pallets. By doing the batching and creating an array as I mentioned earlier, you can now run the subflow and have a different pallet moved each time. This is done by having the quantity be the number of items in the array, and each created token being given a label that represents one of the items in the array.

Finally I added a release resource that allows the truck to return to the first queue once it has been unloaded.

loading pallets_JW.fsm

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thank you, it works as i want
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