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Dashboard Healthcare

I have some model about healthcare I want to track. that How many patient incoming into system, Show graph line plot (X-axis time, Y-Axis Number of patients) track waiting time and How many patients out of system? I don't know how to make a dashboard.


FlexSim 22.2.4
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You can add a new dashboard to the model in the toolbox or the menu bar at the top.


When you click into the dashboard window, the library changes to display pre-defined chart types which cover a lot of use cases. The things you describe would be covered by a Census vs. Time chart (click on census and then on line chart), an Avg Staytime or Avg Wait Time for Location chart (depending on what exactly you want to measure, time spend in a waiting room and time spend waiting for a treatment room might be same value) and a Model Throughput Chart.


In the screenshot (from the attached model), I configured the Avg Staytime chart to partition the data by location. By default the chart would show the average staytime across all locations and patients. You can also partition by different values, for example to get the staytime for each patient.



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I'm not sure, I understand true or not. On the graph Census vs Time that show to people in system. Assume simulate 00:00:00-23:00:00 patient will come into system the most at 08:00-12:00 and then decreasing after that and graph not show behavior like that, and x-axis time not show completely (00:00-23:00)

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The people census chart shows the total number of patients of the system, which does reflect the settings in the source: Large increasing in the morning up to around noon, then trailing off.

If you want to only see the input, you could have each patient first move to a fixed location and show the census for just that location.


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demo-hc-fm1.fsm (133.0 KiB)

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