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Global Table tracking which processor the item went

Hi! I will like to ask some questions about Global Tables.

From the comments in this link's question, I know more about Global Table, but still have some questions.

I've added two processors from the file below the comment of this link (0718_table_ex.fsm ). I will like to track which processor did the item went to ( Processor1, Processor2, or Processor3 ) through the Global Table ,and if the item was sent to the sink it will be removed from the Global Table. Not sure if it is possible to do so through Global Table, hope to get some suggestions! Thanks~

FlexSim 23.1.0
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Hi @kkkk,

You can add a trigger to the Processors (on entry) that will add a row and data to a global table. However, the row and table does not get deleted. Other options include adding a trigger to push the item to a list (you could then pull from the list later on), or creating a statistics collector that listens to the entry and exit of the processors.

Here is a model demonstrating these methods:


global-table.fsm (26.3 KiB)
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Hi @Natalie White ! Thank you so much for your reply, but I'm wondering if there's a way to record the destination before the task executer take the item. Because what I want to do now is to set the certain items be picked by an agv at once. Thank you for assistance!

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If you're going to use an AGV and the transport dispatcher option to PushToList where the list is AGVWork, then the destination will automatically be placed on the item based on the chosen port or pulled item as negotiated by the fixed resources' sendto/pull logic.

If you're customizing the transport dispatcher trigger logic then you'll see that the header contains the port and destination variables being read from passed paramters.

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