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How to use Product ID and Class Statistics in Fluid Objects


Fluid Mixer and Fluid Blender can be set the Target Product ID, and we can see the current Product ID in the Statistics tab of the properties of Fluid Objects.

Also we can see Class Statistics in the Statistics tab in some Fluid Objects (e.g. Fluid Processor).

Is there a way to display these information on the dashboard?

Is there a way to access these information in simulation?

Is there no choice but to specify the treenode and evaluate the value?

Thanks in advance.

FlexSim 23.0.8
fluid object
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Yes, I would reference the treenodes when getting the Class Statistics and Current Product ID. In the object's tree, you can right-click the objectinfo node, or productid and objectstats nodes (in variables) and select Explore > As Table. You can then reference these tables in the Dashboard. In the Dashboard library under Model Input, select Table. Click on your new table and in the properties, select the eyedropper next to Link, then sample your previously created objectinfo, productid, etc. table.

You can repeat this same process using a Dynamic Text dashboard item if you want to get a single value, like the Current Product ID (as demonstrated in my attached example model).

You can also use the getvarnode() command to access the variables of your fluid object, in this manner:

treenode obj = Model.find("FluidMixer1");
return getvarnode(obj, "objectstats").subnodes[3].value; //returns FluidMixer1 Utilization

Here is an attached example model demonstrating these concepts. Hope it helps.


fluidstatsdemo.fsm (35.9 KiB)
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Thank you for your nice model and explain.
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Take a look at Floworks if you are planning to simulate bulk material flow.

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And the mass flow conveyor.
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