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Fluid Processor


I am trying to change the state of the fluid processor to changeover by sending a delayed message after emptying it. But the state is not changing, to changeover instead it is remaining as empty. How can I overcome this ?


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FlexSim 16.2.0
fluid object
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Hi @Arun KR

The problem is not that the state does not change to changeover since it does, but the FluidProcessor updates the state back to empty automatically after the Fluidprocessor has entered the changeover state. You can see this is you step forward after stopping at a breakpoint in the onMessage trigger. This probably has to do with the internal workings of the FlexSim engine so I guess only someone from FlexSim can answer that.

If you want the stats to be correct then maybe you can mark the start of the change over state into a label and when the state should end you write the value into the stats node directly. In this case you would need to reduce the empty state with the same value as well.

Another option is to create custom state nodes that you only update yourself. But this obviously requires more work.


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Hi Axel,

Thanks for the reply. I have noticed the automatic update to state empty after the changeover state for the processor. The notable thing here is I am sending the delayed message after the processor has become empty. So conceptually the message event is acting after the processor is changed to the empty state. Accordingly, the processor object should remain in the state as change over. May be, I am understanding it wrongly.

As you said someone from FlexSim can answer this more clearly.

@ phil.bobo,@Matt Long


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