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Model eventually crashes and can't tell why


I have a model which eventually crashes after running for a while, repeating the same process of unloading flow items from one location and loading them to another. It happens every time, but I don't know how to tell what the cause is. If I "fast forward", it crashes right away. It doesn't always crash at the same "virtual time" either. It also doesn't crash at the same event on the event list each time. It also seems if i run it at higher speeds, it crashes sooner (in virtual time).

Any suggestions on what it might be and in general what approaches can be taken to troubleshoot these types of issues? Crash logs or anything.



CQ 2.fsm

FlexSim 24.1.0
flexsim crashing
cq-2.fsm (1.9 MiB)
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Hi Martin,

Your model crashes because a part of the "Find Slot" query is incorrect:


I'm guessing you meant to write $1.item.up instead. Changing that, the model runs correctly until the stop time you defined is reached.

I hope it helps!

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Thank you, Paula! That helped a lot. I find it still crashes if I continue past by stop time and have the model continue to process the rest of the schedule. How did you find the query error? Did you see it in a log or anything, or does it require looking over everything until you find something? I'm curious how the model ran at all with the error, why it only eventually crashed.
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That is an older post, but the basic debug process can still apply. It walks through a method of determining places in your model that are causing a crash.

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