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How to change the location of items in a rack cell to other directions?

Normally items get place in y-direction in a cell (level/bay) of rack. Is there any simple solution or command to place them in x-direction or z-direction into the cell?

I guess that can be done using Triggers/OnEntry/Visual/Set Rotation,Size, or Location and some math, but I did not find this solution.

Many thanks in advance!

FlexSim 17.1.4
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Joerg Vogel answered

You are looking for the command

object.setLocation( double x, double y, double z)

Wherein object is the reference of the entered item in the rack cell.

The parameters double x and y are the values of the first item of the rack cell or if it is the first item its current location. And the z parameter is the combination of the location of the previous item in the rack cell plus the size of the previous item in the same rack cell. If the item is the first in the cell the z parameter is set to its current location z value. The problem is to identify the reference to previous item in the cell, because the simple command prev is just the reference of the item which has entered the rack before the actual entering item. And that item has been placed at a different cell than the actual one.

It can become more complicated, if you choose to extract the items out of the rack NOT in strict lifo strategy, then you can get gaps in the vertical stacked column.

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@Andre G

Attached is a sample model that will fill the rack level by level. I modified the code in the Place in Bay code area. Take a look at the model and see if it will do what you are wanting it to do. If you have any questions or problems, please let me know.



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@Jeff Nordgren

Thanks for the answer but that is not what I meant, perhaps my description was not good enough.

In standard mode if there is place for more than one item in a cell the items are placed next to each other in y-direction. First one e.g. y = 0, second one y = 0 + ysize(item), third one y = 0 + ysize(first) + ysize (second), and so on.

In my situation I would like to fill a rack cell with items one over the other in z-direction. First one e.g. z = 0, second one z = 0 + zsize(item), third one z = 0 + zsize(first) + zsize (second), and so on. The number of items in each cell should be limited to the height of the cell itself.

Is there any command we could use on racks for this?

Thanks in advance again.


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@Priyanka G2

I have the model where I have 3 item type a b and c I want to assign them to particular colomn how can I do that with coding

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@Priyanka G2 ,

my answer belongs to an outdated version of FlexSim. I recommend you ask a new question and start your own thread. This is an opportunity to transmit further information like desired answers for your FlexSim version, purpose and actual grade of knowledge. My hint here is also advised in Best Practices for using this answers site, what you probably missed to read before you participated at this forum, which works a bit different than other you are used to.

please feel yourself welcome to this community.

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