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Moritz W asked elizabeth.l commented

shift handover

Dear Community, I have the following problem:

For processor 1 have two operators. OP1 works in the first shift, OP2 in the second shift. If OP1 starts the process, but its shift is finished before the end of the process time, OP2 should take over the process and terminate it. After finishing, he should start again with the next piece and stop the process at the end of the shift where it is currently standing. OP1 should then continue in the next morning.

In my model, the process times are between 8 and 14 hours.

OP1 currently starts the process, pauses it at the end of the shift . OP2 will not do anything because the processor is in the state “waiting for operator”. When OP1's back on shift, he'll drive on. OP2 never works like this.

The example in the attachment is only to show the problem. My model is much larger and contains about 15 such two-shift jobs. test-v1.fsm

Can someone help me pleas?

A slightly desperate student ;-)


FlexSim 17.0.9
shift schedulestopobjectresumeobject
test-v1.fsm (24.4 KiB)
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Jeff Nordgren Deactivated answered elizabeth.l commented

@Moritz W

Here is your model with the changes that I've made. Basically all you have to do is to connect each Operator back to the Dispatcher with the A key. That way, when the Operator goes off shift, it will pass the remaining TS back to the Dispatcher which will then give it to the next Operator.

I also changed the time tables in the OnDown function trigger. I have it set the location of the Operator to a specified location. However, I did have to change the code in that trigger on line 18 to be "curmember" rather than "involved". Seems there is a bug there that needs to be fixed.

Is this what you were wanting it to do? I didn't have version 17.0.9 so the model is in version 17.0.3 but should open and work in 17.0.9 just fine.



test-v1-jn1.fsm (23.4 KiB)
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Thank you for your help.

That's exactly what I was looking for, I couldn't insert it into the big model yet, but I think that will work.

Best regards

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Does this work if you have an operator connected to multipe dispatchers? Do the remaining TS go back to the dispatcher they originated from?

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