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How can I delete the performance measures?


I want to delete the performance measures from the drop down menu. These performance measures are no longer used in my model, also I cannot find them in the tree, still they are visible in the drop down menu.

This image shows the Performance measures


Thank you!

FlexSim 18.1.2
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The list in your image is a list of possible new Performance Meaures, not the Performance Measures that are actually being calculated. Those options allow you to choose performance measures that are derived from charts, if you would like. They have no effect on the model, since they are only suggestions.

The only way to shorten the list shown in your image is to delete charts.

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Thanks for your response,

yes its true, but these are the performance measures I added way back, which I deleted, when i change my model. But somehow they are still showing up. i want to delete them so that when I add the new ones, there won't be any confusion for someonw other than me.

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The Legacy charts store their information in multiple places in the tree.

The actual data is stored on a StatisticsObject stored in MODEL:/Tools/Statistics.

The chart then reference that Statistics object. Any added performance measures also reference that Statistics object.

If you delete the chart and you delete the performance measure, it will automatically delete the associated Statistics object once nothing is using it.

The list of potential performance measures that is displayed is based on the Statistics objects that are in your model. So after deleting the chart and the performance measure, the Statistics object should also get deleted. Then when you close and reopen the Experimenter window, they should no longer be in the list of performance measures that you can add to the experiment.

You can also manually delete the Statistics objects in the tree, but that might cause problems if you still have other objects that reference those objects.

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yes. That works, I don't have any objects connected to the deleted ones

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