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Moving boxes from one queue to another on a spec. time using a transporter?

Hi im a student just starting with FlexSim.

The model i attach has three queues, each one with its own combiner and separator.

What i want to simulate is to move boxes from queue="EstacioBicisSud" to queue="EstacioBicisNord" on a specific simluation time, with just a specific number of boxes(e.g:10) and without stopping the queue="EstacioBicisSud" (the output one) from providing boxes to its combiner.

The main problem is that i can not find the way to connect both outputs to queue="EstacioBicisNord" and CombinerSud of the queue="EstacioBicisSud".

Here i attach my model. Thank you in advance for your help!


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Hi @Wu Lei,

There's a number of ways you could accomplish this logic. The one that I chose to use is Process Flow. The Process Flow is set up to create a token at 100 seconds (which you can change to be whatever time you need) that changes a label on the EstacioBicisSud queue called "OutputPort" to 2. The queue uses its "OutputPort" label to decide which output port to use when sending boxes.

Once the "OutputPort" label is changed to 2, the token waits for boxes to exit the queue at the "Wait for Event" activity in Process Flow. The "Assign Labels" activity after the "Wait for Event" activity updates a label that basically counts to 10. Once the "boxCount" label reaches 10, the "OutputPort" label on the queue is set back to 1 and the model continues as normal.

Hopefully this works for what you're doing. Let me know if you have any questions.


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Thanks a lot for your helpful answer.

I also have another litlle question, I want to use only the transporter to move boxes from one queue (the one named "EstacoBicisSud") to an other(the one named "EstacoBicisNord"), and that the combiner (CombinerSud) continues to be able to do its job without waiting for the transporter to return from its job of transporting boxes from one queue to an other.

We can't find a way to do it. Now if we set use of transport in the queue named "EstacoBicisSud" the transporter also picks up boxes from the queue to the combiner(CombinerSud) and I'm trying to avoid it without succes.

Again, thank you for your help.


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