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Marcos MNA asked Ben Wilson commented

Prioritize a queue as input vs another queue

Hi, I would like to prioritize a port vs another one. In my model (I attach it), I want prioritize "Queue6" vs "Queue3" as inputs in "Processor3".

Prueba 1.fsmI have tried to select Pull strategy -> Pull Item with Maximimum Time in System and it does not work. The perfect system would be looking if there is a item in "Queue6", "Queue6" will be the input port, if there is anyting in "Queue6", "Queue3" will be the input port. If the option "Pull Item with Maximum Time in System", it would be fine too!

Thank you!

FlexSim 20.2.0
flexsim 20.2.0queue contentprioritizationprioritize ports
prueba-1.fsm (37.6 KiB)
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Hi @Marcos MNA, was jason.lightfoot's or Gokulakrishnan Kandasamy's answer helpful? If so, please click the red "Accept" button on one of their answers. Or if you still have questions, add a comment and we'll continue the conversation.

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Jason Lightfoot answered Jason Lightfoot edited

Just order the inputs with the hightest priority first - what you're describing is then default behaviour. Use the arrows shown to change the port sequence.

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Thank you for your answer. I have just tried to solve the problem with the option you gave me and it does not work well either... Could you take a look at my model in order to search any error you can find? Or if you think it could be an error in another place... Thank you!!

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I don't know what you did wrong since you didn't attach a model.

In the attached model based on your initial model I made these changes:

  • Removed the sendtoport on Queue3 (there's only one port out so not needed)
  • Swapped the ports so that the 'rework' queues 5 and 6 feed into port 1 of the processors as I described above (this is what @Gokulakrishnan Kandasamy did too).
  • Make the pull "Any Port" - which be default will consider ports in the order of the input connections. By the model, these have to be the longest in the system since they've been through more processes - so you don't need to pull by maximum time in the system.


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prueba-1-jl.fsm (35.1 KiB)
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Gokulakrishnan Kandasamy answered

@Marcos MNA Look into the model. I think you want to do this. prueba-1_gk.fsm

prueba-1-gk.fsm (36.3 KiB)
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Thank you very much! It seems to work correctly! Could you explain me what you added to the model??

Besides, I will add change over times between different items, I would like Processor1 and Processor3 the last item of a type of item has been processed to start processing a different type of item.

The idea is working by batches of 24 items, and after all of them has arrived "Queue3" I do not want "Processor 1" and "Processor2" starting their setup.

In the model I attach now, if a item is sent to the "Queue5" after a change of model, in Processor 1 a changeover time is made, then it processes a new item model and after than a new changeover time is made to go back processing the first kind of item, another changeover and then it continues processing the second type of items.

Thank you!

Prueba 2.fsm

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prueba-2.fsm (38.5 KiB)

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