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time load/unload

Hi! In order to simulate correctly, the system must enter in the production supply chain a different loading time and a unloading time depending on the destination of the operator (Operator_P1, Operator_P2, Operator_P3). So, I created 2 tables:

Unloading (1 row, 2 columns: pp-uri; vp-uri, tp_1, cp_1); 1623922230394.png

Loading (1 row, 2 columns: pp-uri; vp-uri, tp_1, cp_1) 

1623922269946.pngand I set the number label (row_number) to each processor with value 1 for pp-uri


ex13.jpg and value 2 for vp-uri, tp_1, cp_1.




Process flow now looks like this
ex21.jpgCode Snippet: 
for Load Code_P1: 
setvarnum(Model.find("Operator_P1"), "loadtime",Table("Load")[token.machine.row_number][1]);
for Load Code_P2: 
setvarnum(Model.find("Operator_P2"), "loadtime",Table("Load")[token.machine.row_number][1]);
for Load Code_P3:
setvarnum(Model.find("Operator_P3"), "loadtime",Table("Load")[token.machine.row_number][1]);
for Unload Code_P1:
for Unload Code_P2:
setvarnum(Model.find("Operator_P2"), "unloadtime",Table("Unload")[token.machine.row_number][2]);
for Unload Code_P3:
setvarnum(Model.find("Operator_P3"), "unloadtime",Table("Unload")[token.machine.row_number][2]);
I have done all these steps and it does not take into account my loading and unloading times.
Can anyone tell me what I'm wrong about and what I should change? Please, help me!


FlexSim 19.0.0
operatorflexsim 19.0.0loadingunloadingloading time
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Hi @Alexandra D,

there are a couple things going wrong here:

First, the label "machine" that the "Load_Code_Px" activities refererences is not yet set when the token enters the activity for the first time. Just move the "Machine_Px" assign label activity up so it is done before the custom codes.

Also, that label actually points to the queue in front of the processor at that point (to make the operator unload the item there, probably to not overload processors?). The queues do not have the label "row_number".

To avoid adding labels to all queues, you can set the "machine" label to the processor itself, so the row_number can be read from there and then use


as destination in the unload acitivity.

In "Code_Unload_Px" you are trying to read from column two which doesn't exist.

In several "Load/Unload_Code_P2/3" activities you are setting the times for "Operator_P1" instead of P2 or P3.

Also, in "Table Code_x" you are referencing "token.label_with_time" - there is no such label defined on the token.

Lastly - and the hardest to find - the data in your "Load" and "Unload" tables is defined as "strings" (text) not numbers (the visual distinction is that text is aligned to the left of the cells, numbers to the right). To change this, right click on the column header and choose "Assign Data" -> "Assign Number Data".



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Alexandra D avatar image Alexandra D commented ·

Thanks for the help! I took the steps you described, except for this one because I don't really understand it:


Could you explain through some pictures from my model?
I get an error with Operator_P3 in the model attached to you.
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ex24.jpg (39.6 KiB)
licenta-fin.fsm (77.4 KiB)
Felix Möhlmann avatar image Felix Möhlmann Alexandra D commented ·

I guess there were some misunderstandings, as the order of Process Flow activities seems different than what i assumed.

Could you tell me a little more about what you are trying to achieve?

1. Should be load time be dependent on the processor the item is going to or the one it is coming from?

2. What is the "label_with_time" that is missing in the "Table Code_Px" supposed to be?

3. Depending on the answer to question one: What should be the load time at the initial queues P1-P3?

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Alexandra D avatar image Alexandra D Felix Möhlmann commented ·
So the load/unload time be dependent on the processor the item is going to. The label "label_with_time" appeared following a piece of advice received from a colleague on this forum, I don't know what it means, that's why I'm attaching your question:


The upload and download time should be taken from the created Load and Unload tables.



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