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Diana C7 asked Phil BoBo edited

Error when saving


error error 5.png error-6.png error-3.png

I have an error when trying to save my model, not sure why but i first receive a notification that my model is corrupted and then the error on saving appear.

After FlexSim crashes i try to open the model again and try to see last saved model but i star having the messages attached. After all the messages i can't see anything but a new model.

Could you please tell how can i fix that error and recover my models?

FlexSim 21.1.3
error messageflexsim 21.1.3
error-1.png (6.8 KiB)
error-2.png (37.6 KiB)
error-4.png (27.0 KiB)
error-5.png (23.7 KiB)
error-6.png (26.0 KiB)
error-3.png (39.1 KiB)
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Phil BoBo answered Phil BoBo edited

It sounds like the issue is that something was corrupted in the model tree that caused the save operation to fail.

For possible tree corruption causes and mitigation techniques, see: My model won't open/my model is empty/my model crashes FlexSim - is it corrupt? - FlexSim Community

The old version messages are probably from trying to load the unsuccessfully-saved model. The version node in the tree was missing from the corrupt save, so it tried to run model update scripts on the model at that point.

My guess is that the issue could be related to the windowing system. When you save the model, it saves the window workspace into the model. If something is corrupt in your views, then this could corrupt your model.

Often, when the save operation fails and you get an error message about it, FlexSim will save a file called modelname_failedNodes.txt where the model is saved. That file will contain a list of nodes that caused the save operation to fail. Looking at those nodes in the tree can often point you towards what was corrupted in your model that caused the save to fail.

The error popping up again may be the FlexSim auto-save feature trying to save your model, but the corrupt nodes are still there. To get the message to go away, you need to fix the corruption that is causing it.

You should delete any corrupted nodes and recreate those objects, or revert to a previous version of the model before it was corrupted.

If the corruption is in the windowing system, use the menu option View > Open Default Workspace to reset your views. Then save your model.

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Julio R answered Diana C7 commented

Hello Diana,

Your models where first created in FlexSim 21.1.3?

Otherwise, sometimes when very old versions are being used the models may have some troubles opening in new versions, or once open can be problematic to save. If this is the case, I recomend opening in older versions and saving them.

An example of this solution would for a model created in FlexSim 2016, saving it in 2018, then opening in this version, saving it in 2020 and finally in 2021.

If this is not the case please let me know and we will look for other solutions.

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Hi Julio,

Yes, the model was first created in version 21.1.3.

And even when i don't add more things after some time open, the error pups up again.

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