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Something about module sdk and dll

I'm doing the module sdk and dll through the user manual. But I'm confused with some step.

Below is where I am now. I don't know how to do this part. I even can't find out how to clear object's variables sub-tree.... Can somebody give me some hints. I'm in a hurry. Much thanks.


FlexSim 20.0.10
module sdkdllmodulesdll c++
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I haven't worked with the module SDK before but I can hopefully help you with those steps.

The library is located in the "Main" tree. You can insert new nodes into the tree by right clicking on an existing node and (under "Node") choosing "Insert After" (inserts a new node at the same relative level, directly after the selected one - shortcut "Spacebar") or "Insert Into" (creates a new subnode in the selected node - shortcut "Enter").

I believe "clearing" means to simply delete all subnodes inside the "variables" and "behaviour" nodes. Mark all subnodes by holding "Shift" and dragging the selection box across, then hit "Delete/Del".


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Okay, thank you very much!!!
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Thanks, it's truly help.

By the way, do you know how to do step 7-step 8. I try to change, but when I shut down the window, it become to it's original setting. I just delete it and add a same variables by myself. But, their is a compiler console in the first picture. Last question, why the words of initial settings is purple?


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The purple text signifies that the node stores "Coupling Data" (a link to a different node). You can change the datatype of nodes in the right-click menu. I believe the error message is caused by the new node not being of that type.


To change a node's value without it reverting to the original value, you should be able to use the sampler tool that appears in the properties when a node is selected.


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Got it. Thanks very much!!!

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