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Decision point on conveyor

conveyor sequence.fsmHello,

I am trying to build a model where the object will flow from DP1 to DP3 and DP4 using round robbin, but then if there are more objects then it will go in DP5 and DP6. The item from DP5 will go to DP3 when there is space available similarly from DP6 to DP4. Each of the decision points DP3 and 4 has a capacity to hold 1 object. The other objects at DP1 will be held untill there is an open space.

FlexSim 23.0.1
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So you reverse the DP5 and DP4 conveyors to get them back across StraightConveyor1? What about the other 4 on that side of the conveyor?

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I am attaching the modified model, so when both the stations are occupied, the object will go on straight conveyor 8 and conveyor 11 respectively. Once the space is available the object will move to testing, the conveyor 8 and 11 will run in reverse while going in to conveyor 2 and 5 respectively. conveyor sequence.fsm

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Jason Lightfoot answered

This example allows for multiple items to be sent to the reversing buffer conveyor:



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Hey @Parth, you could try something like this: conveyor-sequence_2.fsm

So first thing I did was add more logic to DP1's On Arrival Trigger so it said that the item was entering a "Restricted Area". This means that only a certain amount of items are allowed in this area. I set a max of 4 between DP1 and DP2, but you could make it tighter by having DPs after the Stations to "release" the restricted area and send items faster.

I added the same logic on a smaller scale between the individual Stations (between DP3 and Station1, between DP4 and Station2). This restricted that conveyor line to have just the one item processing.


I added a middle DP between the desired DP (like DP3) and the buffer conveyor (DP5).


This DP had logic to (1) see if a box was trying to get to DP3, and if so (2) check to see if DP3's area was occupied. If both conditions are true, then it will send the item to the buffer conveyor. Once an item is done processing at the Station, the Station sends a Message to the buffer conveyor. On receiving that message, it reverses its target speed so the box moves in the opposite direction; the DP on the buffer conveyor sends the item to DP3.

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Hello Kavika,

thank you for your help, i am having issues while running this for 4 conveyor choices instead of 2 like i had shared with my question, i will share that model soon and see if you can help me with that. I tried another layout where instead of the loop, i have used only one conveyor. so the object will move from DP1 to 4,5,6,7 using round robin and if either are full it will go to 8,9,10,11 in order to wait. so the object from DP8 will go to station1 upon being available. Can you help me out with this logic.


conevyor improvement.fsm

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Hey @Parth, in your latest model it doesn't seem like you applied any of the logic Jason or I suggested. Do you need further help understanding the steps we took in making our models? We would prefer teaching you how to build this logic and using the tools and resources FlexSim provides so your model will turn out more suited to your needs rather than our assumptions.

In your latest model, you say you don't use a loop, but when I open the model I see a large loop. Am I missing something?


You also say that you want to move objects from DP1 to 4 other DPs using Round Robin logic and move flowitems waiting for those stations to open up to their respective waiting lines. This is a similar logic to the model I posted, except now instead of just reversing the buffer conveyor you need to also reverse the Station conveyor.

Let me know what I can help more with please. Thank you!

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Parth avatar image Parth Kavika F ♦ commented ·
Hello Kavika,

Yes, it would be a great help for me if you can teach me the logic , and discuss on this new model i am trying to build. Let me know what would be the best way to discuss.



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