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Problems in running experimenter

This is my model in which i'm trying to run the experimenter using the dashboard that measure processors thourghput and AGVs/elevators utilization rate. The problem is that the experimenter doesn't run properly and return strange results, in order to have a better overview of my model I want to vary the number of members in group at each scenarios, but it doesn't work!

Please, it is urgently needed!


FlexSim 19.1.0
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This is the version of the model in which experimenter use the output as performance measure. The problem is that if we put all objects in scenarios in this case neither the result on AGVs are correct and we aren't able to unerstand where is the problem. Please, help us!


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Thanks a lot! I hope that someone can solve also this problem.. we want that AGV bring back all objects in the waste storage, but there are 15 objects that remain in the different meal/drug storage of the three floors and we don't understand why... I really hope that someone can help us to understand where is the problem and how correct it!

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Hi @giorgia P,

I'm not sure how to solve the problem, but it is a result of closed loops in the AGV system. When an AGV is in the main loop in your model, it does not ever see the tasks being pushed from control points on the other floors. You'll need to find a way to incorporate logic that makes them look for work outside the main loop. This might mean creating one big loop that incorporates all the floors, or it might mean having a trigger send available AGVs from the main loop to each floor once in awhile, but either way, the tasks in the other floors are not visible to the AGVs.

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hi @giorgia P, when I go to experimenter ->Scenarios, choose dropdown "Scenario 1" in "Choose reset default scenario", and click on Reset. I see that some of the objects that are created/duplicated by experimenter does not have it's blue/orange/red line connection onto AGV network. This I believe is the cause that you are not getting correct statistics using experimenter.

You will probably need to use code to close/open input of the various objects that you wanted them to be used within various scenarios. The action of the close/open input of various objects can be control using a Process Flow variable. This is just my thought.

Hope this helps.

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