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FlexSim 2022 Update 1 Beta Available

FlexSim 2022 Update 1 Beta is now available. (Updated March 28)

FlexSim 22.1.0 Release Notes

To get the beta, log in to your account at, then go to the Downloads section, and click on More Versions. It will be at the top of the list.

The More Versions button does not appear when logged in as a guest account. Subsequently the beta is available only to licensed accounts and accounts that have a license shared with them. Learn more about downloading the best version of FlexSim for your license here.

If you have bug reports or other feedback on the software, please email [email protected] or create a new idea in the Development space.

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David Seo avatar image David Seo commented ·

Which way is usable replacing with the the WorkInProgress and TimeInSystem Tracked Variables in 22up1?

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Phil BoBo avatar image Phil BoBo ♦♦ David Seo commented ·

Use a Content chart (Composite WIP) or a Staytime chart (Composite Staytime) in the dashboard.

Alternatively, you can add your own tracked variables and set them however you like to track whatever you want.

The way the existing WorkInProgress and TimeInSystem tracked variables worked was often not what the user expected. Especially if the user was using combiners, separators, or Process Flow.

Here are a couple examples of confusion caused by these default tracked variables:

Dashboard WorkInProgress and TimeInSystem - FlexSim Community

How to track flow item quantity during sim run? - FlexSim Community

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David Seo avatar image David Seo Phil BoBo ♦♦ commented ·

@Phil BoBo Thanks for your detail and kind explanation. I had used two variables but I have not experienced the issue like the linked. Anyway I found your reply lately. Thanks again.

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Sebastian Hemmann avatar image Sebastian Hemmann commented ·

I´ve mentioned that the "OnSimulationStart" event is part of the objects (e.g. Fixed Resources). Wouldn´t it make sense to add this also to the Model Triggers?

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Jeremy R avatar image Jeremy R commented ·

The release notes mention "coroutines" several times, but I couldn't find anything about them in the documentation. Is there documentation somewhere about what coroutines are and how to use them?

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Matthew Gillespie avatar image Matthew Gillespie ♦♦ Jeremy R commented ·

@Jeremy R See Coroutines and the Await Statement. I'll update the release notes to point at this section.

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David Seo avatar image David Seo Matthew Gillespie ♦♦ commented ·
@Matthew Gillespie and @Phil BoBo

I have felt some things whenever the upgraded version released and we read the manual. We can't understand all things to be upgraded like you developers. And me not to use English have some difficulties to understand them and make them for our customers to find them when they use.

We need some more detail explanation like above linked and added examples about upgraded and newly added features.

That is what we understand more your efforts to have developed them and will use them more powerfully.

Anyway thanks again.

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Clair A avatar image Clair A commented ·

What is the expected date for the final 22.1 relase ?

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Matthew Gillespie avatar image Matthew Gillespie ♦♦ Clair A commented ·

Monday April 4

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