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Sergio V6 asked Ben Wilson commented

Ports and Protocols from the client to the License server


I have a problem connecting from client side Flexsim to the license server. I have the client in a virtual machine which has restricted security (closed ports, disabled communication protocols, etc). I wanted to know, on the client side, what ports and communication protocols are used to reach the license server.

In the documentation ( I found that I need to have the following ports open:

• 26914 (lmgrd.exe)

• 56914 (flexsim.exe)

What other ports or protocols do I need to have enabled on the client side?

As a note, I have the firewall disabled and my license server is on a custom port (like [email protected])


FlexSim 21.2.4
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1 Answer

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Ben Wilson answered Ben Wilson commented

Hi @Sergio V6 ,

There are two things you'll want to check:

  1. licenses are properly being hosted on your license server
  2. required communications are not blocked.

Let's go over tests for each of these in turn.


You can test if your server is properly configured and hosting FlexSim licenses by installing an appropriate version of FlexSim simulation software directly on your license server. Use the Licensing a single-user client PC instructions on page 19 of our license server installation instructions to configure FlexSim to get a license from the local license server.

Use as your License Server Address <port>@ where <port> should be the lmgrd port number. Our default license file uses 26914, but you may have chosen a different port number.

If a local-to-the-license-server FlexSim instance is able to properly get a license, then you've verified that your license server is properly hosting your FlexSim seats.


A FlexSim client instance must maintain a solid connection to the license server in order to obtain and keep a FlexSim seat. These connections happen over the lmgrd and vendor daemon ports. You can change our default ports (26914 and 56914) in the file flexsimLicenseFile.lic to be whatever available port numbers you like. After you change the license file, be sure to restart the service.

The communication between your license server and any client PCs happens across those two ports, so for licensing purposes, those are the only firewall exceptions you would need.

You can use the telnet test to determine if communication is working from your client PC to the license server across those two ports. The video at that link has some references to lmadmin, but our recommendation today is to use lmtools to host your FlexSim licenses. The important parts of that video are about testing connectivity using telnet.

Be sure to test both ports. If one or both ports times out, there is some issue connecting between the two machines that needs to be debugged by your network administrator to allow the communication to go through.

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Hi Ben.

I don't have access to the license server but i think is configured correctly, because we can connect from other clients (not VM).

About those ports (26914 and 56914) if our license server have another port (example [email protected], do we need to open the port 12345 also in the client side?

The cmd ping test passed, but the telnet failed, i will test it again after i have those ports open.

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Every organization will have a unique networking situation, but typically you do not need to open any firewall exceptions on the client.

If you cannot telnet from the client to the server using the two ports (lmgrd and vendor daemon), that needs to be debugged by your networking admin. Once you can make those connections from client to server using telnet, FlexSim should also have no problem using those ports to obtain a license from your server.

Good luck!

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Good luck!

Thank Ben, I will need this!

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