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Reread License Files - lmadmin   

Remembering the proper credentials

To log in to lmadmin's Administration area you need know the port number your license server manager is hosting on and your lmadmin admin password.

lmadmin's default port number for serving its web-based user interface is 8090. There is a very good chance that your system is hosting lmadmin on its default port. On your license server, open a browser and go to to see if this will open lmadmin's web-based interface.

The default login information for lmadmin's Adminstration area is username admin and password admin. Upon your first logging in to the Administration area you would have been prompted to create your own new password consisting of at least 8 characters.

If you have forgotten either the port number or your admin password, there is unfortunately no way to recover these. You will need to uninstall, then reinstall lmadmin. If you do not wish to do so at this time, you should be able to start serving your upgraded FlexSim licenses by restarting the lmadmin64 Windows service.

Logging in to lmadmin

Use a web browser to connect to the lmadmin service at (specify a different custom port besides 8090, as necessary). The FLEXnet Publisher interface should open. Click on Administration to sign in.1640877104174.png

After logging in to the Administration portal, click the Vendor Daemon Configuration tab on the bottom left.

Click on the flexsim daemon.


Reread the license

1640882624630.pngIf there is a Start button, that means that your flexsim vendor daemon is currently stopped.

Press the Start button to start the vendor daemon using your upgraded licenses.

1640882725543.pngIf there is a Reread License Files button, that means that your flexsim vendor daemon is currently running, and serving the old licenses.

Press the Reread License Files to start serving your newly activated and upgraded licenses.

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