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License Server - Verify client PC licensing   

You've installed, configured, and started your license server. FlexSim is installed and your client PCs are set to get a license from your license server. How can you tell if they're communicating and licensing properly?

You can check both the client PC and the license server to make sure that licensing is happening:

Client PC

  • Within FlexSim software on the client PC, go to the main menu, Help > About FlexSim. The popup should indicate the activated license type. 1674065192602.png
  • Test licensed features to see if they work. Check the article FlexSim Feature Limitations by License Type to see what features should be available given your license type (Enterprise, Educational, Student, Runtime). For instance, the Experimenter feature should be available to each of those license types. 1674065229962.png

License Server

If your client PC is not getting licensed and/or your license server logs don't indicate communication with a client PC, check the license server troubleshooting steps.

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