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FlexSim Feature Limitations by License Type   

This table is meant as a reference and guideline. While we strive to maintain this list regularly, it may be out of date at any given time.If an advertised feature of FlexSim is not listed here, it is generally not subject to limitations by license type.

The Express license type is FlexSim's default, unlicensed state. Downloading and installing FlexSim to a new computer, it will be in Express mode. The other license types require you to obtain a license and apply it to the software. Please refer to FlexSim's end user license agreement for details on allowed uses, restrictions, and other considerations. If you wish to test a particular license type, please contact your local distributor to request a test license.

Express Runtime Student Educational Enterprise
Allowed Uses testing, evaluation, and model viewer only run only (no model building) educational use only educational use only any
Open, Run, Save
open and run any size model
open and save models in XML format

unlocked random streams
compile models built with C++ (optional, requires Visual Studio)
save model size limitations model size must be under limitations none model size must be under limitations none none
OptQuest optimizer
with OptQuest add-on license up to 10 optimization variables with OptQuest add-on license with OptQuest add-on license
webserver (requires separate download)
Model Building
model building features available
no ability to add objects or activities, but any objects and activities used by existing models are editable
create objects and activities

object creation limit 30
100 none none
process flow activity creation limit 35
250 none none
ExpertFit distribution-fitting
execute FlexScript in script console

tree view

Tool Box
Add Tools
no ability to add tools, but all tools used by existing models are editable
FlowItem Bin

Global Tables

Time Tables


Down Behavior



Process Flow (all options)

Global List (all options)

Statistics - Statistics Collector

Statistics - Milestone Collector

Statistics - Calculated Table

Statistics - Experimenter

Statistics - Tracked Variable

FlowItem (all options)

Modeling Logic (all options)

Visual - Model Floor

Visual - Model Background

Visual - Video Recorder

Visual - Fly Path

Connectivity - Database Connector

Connectivity - Excel Import/Export

Connectivity - Visio Import

Connectivity - Emulation (Modbus and OPC DA connections only. Other connection types require an Emulation license.)

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@Ben Wilson This is very helpful. How can I "Like" this article? I can't find the Thumbs up?

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1663350350287.pngThanks @david.chan, I hope it will be helpful for everyone.

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David Seo avatar image David Seo commented ·

@Ben Wilson

It's great!. I need it as a table like this.

Could you upload it as pdf file?

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Ben Wilson avatar image Ben Wilson ♦♦ David Seo commented ·

Hi @Seung Yong Seo,

Updating and hosting a hard-copy of the table defeats the purpose of having a "living document" that the dev team or others update as necessary, but here are some options you can use to create your own hard-copy from the table above:

The best course of action, rather than downloading, archiving, and sharing a hard-copy of this page, is to just send the link to those who might be interested. That way they are always viewing the most up-to-date information, not an out-dated PDF, image, etc.

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Ralf Gruber avatar image Ralf Gruber ♦ commented ·

Hi Ben,

maybe you need to add one row for clarification purpose: A client asked me, if the express version is allowed to be used as a model viewer for commercial purpose. They want to use it to:

1. Share models to only "view" them as they are and

2. Use the Express version for model runs within its technical limitations, incl. changing parameters.

So we might want to add "commercial use" as a row?



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