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Operations error: 7581 Online return/repair request is not originated from the original client machine   

Have you received this licensing error?

Operations error: 7581 Online return/repair request for the activation ID example.com01-ABCDE-FGHIJ-KLMNO-FSENT22.2 is not originated from the original client machine. 

This error means that the licensing system did not recognize the the computer that requested the repair is the original computer where the license was initially activated.

This can happen when

  • It is not the same computer. Maybe the user activated a license, then moved the hard drive to a new computer (or cloned it, etc). This would break the license, and it wouldn't be able to repair because the licensing system recognizes that the computer hardware is different.
  • There was a significant change to the computer. A large operating system update, a change to the hard drive's boot sector (for instance, installing a 2nd operating system to dual boot), or another significant hardware change.

In this case the license cannot be returned, and it cannot be repaired. You will need to contact your local FlexSim representative to explain the situation.

As you work with your FlexSim rep, they will guide you in deleting your unreturnable/unrepairable fulfillment (license server, standalone), then after your FlexSim rep performs a license force-return, your license should be available again for a new activation.

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