FlexSim Licensing Display Down
Our License server is experiencing an unknown error that is causing licenses to not be displayed in your FlexSim account. Activating & Returning licenses from within FlexSim is still functioning correctly. If you do not have access to your license activation code please contact your FlexSim Distributor


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Licensing activation error (50041, 41143, 34)   

Have you ever encountered this error?

ERROR: flxActAppActivationSend - (50041, 41143, 34)
"Failed to connect to the license server or Operations server.
Recover: check connection and that server is operational."


This usually means that your computer is not connected to the Internet, or that your network and/or firewall settings are preventing communication with FlexSim's license server.

A license activation or return will attempt to make http (port 80) and https (port 443) connections with the following servers:

Make sure this type of communication is available on your network.

If you are not able to allow FlexSim to communicate over the Internet, please use our manual XML activation/return method for offline systems:

license activationlicensinglicense returnlicence activationmanual activationactivation errorlicensing error
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