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Operations error: 7032 Invalid fulfillment ID   

Have you received this licensing error?

Operations error: 7032 Invalid fulfillment ID:
FID_ ... (entire fulfillment ID listed)


You may encounter this error during an attempted license return.

This error means that the license server has no record of your license activation, and therefore is not able to recognize the return action from your unknown activation.

This error should only be encountered under a few rare circumstances:

1. Rollback on FlexSim's main license server

FlexSim's main license server could be rolled back to an earlier time due to a necessary database restoration in order to mitigate database corruption or other unforeseen issues or circumstances. License actions, such as license activations or returns, that occurred after the last viable backup was saved, but before its restoration, will be lost.

The solution for any license affected will consist of one or both of the following:

  1. If an activation occurred during the lost time period you would need to manually remove any un-returnable fulfillments.
  2. If a license return occurred during the time period, you should contact your local FlexSim distributor to request a force-return. Explain the error and this situation.

2. Change to FlexSim's licensing infrastructure

Your FlexSim product has reached End-of-Life and the license server under which your license was originally activated has been retired. This situation is outlined in FlexSim's End User License Agreement > Software End-of-life. As of this writing, FlexSim has never retired any of our FlexNet licensing infrastructure and we currently have no plans to do so. This item is included here for completeness' sake and in the event that such future licensing changes occur.

If you are using software past its End-of-Life date and you think this problem may be affecting you, please contact your local FlexSim distributor.

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