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flxActAppReturnSend (50018,41145,32)   

Have you ever encountered this error?

Status: 4 Creating request
Status: 5 Request created
Status: 6 Context created
Status: 7 Connected to remote server
Status: 0 Error
ERROR: flxActAppReturnSend - (50018,41145,32)
"Failure to send request or receive a response for an unspecified reason.
Recovery: check parameters used for the request."

We're looking for more information on this error. If you're encountering this error, please comment below.

This error appears to be a communication error where the client PC may have an Internet connection, but is not successful in contacting the license server. This may be due to a firewall misconfiguration or a proxy server.

You may want to make sure your client PC can connect to FlexSim's servers (addresses and ports listed in this article).

You may also need to configure FlexSim to communicate through your proxy server:1676331024307.png

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