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Operations error: 7288 fulfill count exceeded the available seat count   

Have you received this licensing error?

Operations error: 7288 The activation of the fulfillment is denied by the activation policy because fulfill count exceeded the available seat count.


Here are some common reasons you may encounter this error, along with some possible solutions.

All seats are already in use

Problem: All the seats of this license are already activated. There are no available seats left to activate.

Solution: You must return a seat from a computer where it is currently activated. Once a seat has been successfully returned it is available for a new activation.

If you are not sure where your license is currently activated, there are two main methods for finding out:

  1. Go on a hunt: On each computer where the license may be activated, check the license status by opening FlexSim and going to Help > License Activation > View Licenses tab > press the View Licenses button. This will show you the license information for the current PC.
  2. Check the history: You can view your activation/return history from your FlexSim account's licenses page. On the Licenses page, expand the folders until you can see the Activation ID you are trying to track down. Click the Activation ID to load the history for this license. This history includes dates/times of the activations and returns. If the information is available it will also list the computer name where the license was last activated and the Windows username of the logged in user who completed the action.

If the computer where your license was activated has been stolen, destroyed, wiped, etc., please contact your local distributor to discuss a solution.

Activation ID is obsolete

Problem: You are trying to activate an obsolete activation ID. An activation ID can become obsolete if it has been cancelled, replaced, or upgraded.

Solution: Make sure to use the most up-to-date version of your license. Log in to your FlexSim account to view your latest license codes.

Consider the following scenario:

You purchased a FlexSim license and were emailed a license code. You used that license on your laptop for several years, upgrading FlexSim as new versions were released and following the prompts to upgrade your license as needed.

Now you have purchased a new laptop. You successfully returned your license from your previous laptop. On the new PC you installed FlexSim and needed to get it licensed. You looked up your original license code from your years-old email, but when attempting to activate you received error 7288.

The reason is that over the years as you upgraded FlexSim you also upgraded your license code. The old, original license code is obsolete. You must log in to your FlexSim account to get the most recent license code. With the new license code you are able to successfully activate your license on your new laptop.
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Maíra A avatar image Maíra A commented ·

Hello @Ben Wilson ,

My notebook was formatted before i return the license and now i can't use it, appears this error. What can i do to solve this problem?

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Ben Wilson avatar image Ben Wilson ♦♦ Maíra A commented ·

Hi @Maíra A,

I added the following to the article above:

If the computer where your license was activated has been stolen, destroyed, wiped, etc., please contact your local distributor to discuss a solution.

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