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Hosting your FlexSim licenses with lmtools   

Introduction to lmtools

This article is a sort of table of contents to the various articles that will take you from start to finish in installing, licensing, configuring, and running your FlexSim license server using the lmtools license manager.

background info

Let's get started

When installing a new license server, start here at the top and work your way down the list of articles linked below. By the end you should be in good shape to properly host and serve your FlexSim licenses.

Each link should open in its own browser tab, so once you complete a sub-task just close that tab. Then back here in this main tab click the link to the next step.

The list of links below might seem intimidating, but conceptually it's just 4 main things we're about to work through:

  1. Preparation and Prerequisites
  2. Activate licenses to your license server
  3. Configure the licensing service
  4. Configure client PCs

If you run into any problems, you can also find additional helpful resources linked at the end of this article:

1) Preparation and Prerequisites

  1. System Requirements - almost any Windows computer could act as your license server. Click inside for the details.
  2. Download files - download the required lmtools files and extract them to an appropriate folder on your license server.
  3. FlexNet Licensing Service 64 - FlexSim is licensed using Revenera's industry-standard FlexNet licensing platform. This article prepares your license server with the background service necessary for hosting your FlexSim licenses.

2) Activate licenses to your license server

Choose the right steps below to license your server, depending on whether or not your license server can communicate over the internet directly with FlexSim's main license server.

• Online, Internet-enabled systems

  1. License Server - Activation - Online - Activate your FlexSim licenses to your license server directly over the Internet. Should be easy-peasy.

• Secure / Offline / Air-gapped systems

If your license server will not connect to the Internet (or if for any reason it cannot communicate with FlexSim's license servers) there are a few extra steps to get up and running. You've got this!

  1. Configure Trusted Storage - Your new license server has a secure storage area for holding license info, but first it must authenticate with FlexSim's main license server.
  2. License Server - Activation - XML / Offline - the manual steps to activate your FlexSim licenses onto your license server.

3) Configure the licensing service

  1. Configure your license service - use FlexNet's lmtools license manager to create and configure the service that will serve up your FlexSim seats.
  2. Add Windows Firewall exceptions - your licensing service needs to communicate with other PCs on the network. This will get you started.

4) Configure client PCs

With your license server installed and configured, it's finally time for your license server to fulfill its destiny and serve licenses to your client PCs.

Make sure you know the IP address or fully qualified domain name for your license server, as well as the license service port number (see #1 under Check the service status). You'll use your server's address/name and service port when configuring the client PCs.

  1. FlexSim Version Numbering - your FlexSim license is for a particular version of FlexSim. If your software maintenance is not current, you may need to use an older version of the software. In this article you'll learn how licensing works for a given version number and where to download an appropriate version of FlexSim that will work with your license.
  2. With an appropriate version of FlexSim installed on the client PCs, you're ready to configure them to communicate with your license server. There are two ways a client PC can be configured. Choose the method below that most closely matches the main use case for your client PC:
    • Single-user client PCs - this method configures settings that are saved on a per-user basis.
    • Multi-user client PCs - usually appropriate for a university computer lab or other shared-PC situation, where the configuration should be computer-based.
  3. Verify client PC licensing - Not sure if your client PC is getting licensed properly? Dive in to find out how to tell your client PC is successfully getting a license from your new license server


Isn't there a law in the universe that if something can go wrong, it will? If you're stuck in a licensing black hole, these tips might be just the thing to help you get moving.

  • Client/server connectivity - if the client PC and the license server can't communicate, the client PC won't be able to get a license.
  • Troubleshooting tips - when you're pretty certain that connectivity isn't an issue, but your client PC still isn't getting a license, check here for some ideas.

Related Links

  • FlexSim's license file - your new licensing service uses a license file to specify port numbers. Get more background on license files and ports here.
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