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License Server - Licensing a multi-user client PC   


The method for licensing a single-user client PC saves client PC license settings to the Windows profile data of the signed in user, so license settings are saved on a per-user basis.

In cases where the exact number or identity of PC users is not predetermined, such as in a university computer lab, it is impractical to license users individually in this manner.

For this mult-user method we'll use a license file on the client PC to license FlexSim software generally for any user of the PC.

Use a license file


Download the attached flexsim.lic license file to your client PC. This is the same file that is included in the license server download files (lmtools, lmadmin).

SERVER this_host ANY 26914
VENDOR flexsim port=56914
FEATURE serverfeature flexsim 1.000 permanent uncounted HOSTID=ANY \
SIGN="05CB 6F61 116D 06E3 A08D CAFB FC5C BEF3 DF53 BDC6 AF68 \
060C 27B8 9968 CB94 0515 2BE7 E30C 2FAF C0D6 1D77 CCEB 878E \
2D67 1434 0E3F 6BA5 1FDA BD35 F98D"


Modify the client PC license file with the following changes:

  1. If you modified the license file on your license server with custom port numbers, modify this client PC license file to use those same ports.
  2. On line 1, change "this _host" to the IP address or fully qualified domain name of the license server.


With FlexSim software installed on a client PC, your modified flexsim.lic file should be copied into FlexSim’s installation directory in the following location:

C:\Program Files\FlexSim <version>\program\

Your exact folder path could differ based on custom installation locations or FlexSim version, but it should be placed into FlexSim’s program\ folder.


Check out the next article to learn how to verify that your client PC is licensed, and what to do if it isn't: License Server - Verify client PC licensing.

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Hi @Ben Wilson, in older installation instructions, the default name of this .lic file was:


In the instructions above, the default file name is now:


Do you confirm that the filename does not matter ? I tried with both, and even blabla.lic that also works, as long as the file extension stays .lic.

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Ben Wilson avatar image Ben Wilson ♦♦ Clair A commented ·

Correct - the filename does not matter.

It is nice to follow the convention in our latest instructions to make it easier to debug if a customer ever needs to contact FlexSim technical support.

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Clair A avatar image Clair A Ben Wilson ♦♦ commented ·

Thanks Ben. Please note that the pdf installation guide ( does not use the same .lic filename as the above instructions. On the reader could think that whether he follows the pdf installation guide or the online Answers article the instructions will be the same. Nothing stresses that one method is the latest one compared to the other.

One of our customers thought that he had to change the filename of the .lic file on all the classroom computers. I told him that this was actually not needed.

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