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Operations error: 7284 Cannot perform support actions on inactive fulfillment record   

Have you received this licensing error?

Operations error: 7284 Cannot perform support actions on inactive fulfillment record FID_ ... (entire fulfillment ID listed)


You may encounter this error during an attempted license return or repair.

This error means that the fulfillment was already returned. A fulfillment is an activation of a license. Once that activation has been returned to the main license server, the fulfillment becomes inactive. It is meaningless to return or repair a fulfillment that has already been returned.

So, how do you have an inactive fulfillment still on your computer if it was supposedly returned? There are a couple of ways this can happen:

  1. Someone requested that the license be force-returned. Sometimes a license can be lost, so a client contacts their local distributor to force the license back. Later on, the license is found activated on a PC, however it will not be returnable because the license was already force-returned.
  2. You returned your license normally, but later restored your computer from a backup or otherwise rolled back to a previous state. This may break your license, but in trying to repair the old fulfillment, the main license server reports to you that actions cannot be taken on that inactive fulfillment - it was already returned.

The point with this error is that FlexSim's main license server has a record that your fulfillment was already returned. The fulfillment you are trying to return or repair is inactive - no actions can be taken on it. The solution is to delete the fulfillment record from your PC:

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