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Standalone - View licenses   

You may find occasion to check the status of your licenses. Perhaps you're trying to diagnose some issue, or you want to check which license you have activated.

Here we explain how to view the licenses activated to your PC, and their status.

View your licenses

  1. Open FlexSim.
  2. From the main menu, go to Help > License Activation.
  3. Go to the View Licenses tab.
  4. Press the View Licenses button.
  5. You should see a list of fulfillment information, or a message indicating that there are no licenses on your PC.

What does it all mean?

If you have licenses on your PC, each license listed includes a block with status and license info, including whether the license is fully trusted and enabled or broken, the unique fulfillment ID that pertains to this specific license activation, and more. You'll also see INCREMENT blocks for each feature that makes up your license.

Take action

Check the article Licensing Procedures under the Standalone Licensing heading for instructions if you need to repair or return your license or do any other sort of license maintenance.

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