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License Activation Reference   


Common Activation Errors

Operations Error 7288

error 7288

Operations error 7288 means that your license has already been successfully activated on a computer. In order to activate the license, you must find the computer that contains the license and return it. You can find the computer that contains the license by checking the output of View Licenses on any computers that you may have activated the license on.

Error 50041

error 50041

Error 50041 usually means that your computer is not connected to the internet or your network/firewall settings are preventing communication with the FlexSim license server. The license activation mechanism uses soap requests sent through http port 80. Make sure this type of communication is available on your network.

Common Return Errors

Operations Error 7466

error 7466

Operations error 7466 means that returns are disabled on your license. Your license is configured to be a one-time activation onto a computer. If you believe your license should be able to transfer from one computer to another, contact your local distributor or FlexSim support to discuss the situation.

Troubleshooting Concurrent Server Errors

  1. Make sure the client computer is connected to the server on a local area network. Be sure you can ping the server at the address specified.
  2. Make sure that the server has valid licenses using the menu option Tools > View License Rights in the flexsimserveractutil.exe program on the server. This program is contained in the LAN License Tools available for download on the FlexSim website.
  3. Make sure that the server's License Server Manager program (lmadmin or lmtools) is properly configured and has licenses available for use.
  4. Consult the Flexnet License Administration Guide for additional details on how Flexnet server licenses work. This manual can be found at
  5. If you still are still having troubles, contact FlexSim Support. Be sure to send them the information that is printed when you press Tools > View License Rights in the flexsimserveractutil.exe program and also a screenshot of the Dashboard view in lmadmin (or the Status Enquiry output from lmtools).

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