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The Travel Networks Utility has been moved since Version 6.0.2 and can now be found by dragging a Network Node into your model and right clicking on it.

Network View Mode

To change the way NetworkNodes are viewed in the 3D view, right-click on a NetworkNode and choose Network View Mode:

Alternatively, you can hold the X key down and left click on a NetworkNode to toggle between these three modes.

Show All - Displays the NetworkNodes, the edges between them, and the direction arrows.

Edges - Displays the edges between NetworkNodes only.

None - Hides all NetworkNodes and edges except for the NetworkNode that was right-clicked on.

Default Connecting

Default Connecting specifies how new connections will be made between NetworkNodes when you do an 'A' drag. These parameters may be changed on each individual connection after it has been created.

You can select default connecting as two way or one way, passing or nonpassing, straight or curved.

Node Draw Size

You can also change the size that network nodes are drawn by right clicking on the node and choosing Node Draw Size Network nodes are drawn a specific pixel size. They are unaffected by the zoom of the camera. That is why they appear to get larger as you zoom out and smaller as you zoom in relative to the other objects in your model.

Alternatively, you can left-click a NetworkNode and press the Ctrl+L or Ctrl+K key to increase and decrease NetworkNode sizes respectively.

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