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The List Chart allows you to display data related to lists. The List Chart is capable of displaying information from any FlexSim object but it has some extra options that allow you to track backorders, entries, and partitions that you would not be able to chart otherwise. The List Chart is very similar to other charts except for a few differences, which will be discussed in more detail in the following sections.


The List Chart allows you to select Lists, Tracked Variables, or standard FlexSim objects as linked objects for the chart data. This means that you can compare a list's statistics to any other object if you would like. Adding, removing, sorting, grouping and ungrouping objects works the same way as with any of the standard charts. See Dashboard Example for more information on this process.

Combining a List with other FlexSim objects may cause some interesting combinations but any standard FlexSim object will show a zero for invalid statistics for example the backorder statistics of a processor will always be zero.


The Statistics tab of the List Chart is unique from other dashboard chart properties because it has an extra Stat Settings panel which is where you define advanced statistic settings for the list. These settings control what data is pulled from the list such as backorder or partition data.


When you first add a statistic to the chart it will be set to default Stat Settings. This means that it will retrieve the basic information of that statistic from the objects. For example, Average Content with the default setting will retrieve the average number of entries in the entire list regardless of partitions and ignores backorders.


The List option must be selected for the EntriesBackorders drop down box and the Use Partition ID checkbox to appear.


This drop down menu sets whether the chart will display Backorder or Entry data from the list. For example if Backorder is selected for Average Wait Time then the chart will only display the Average Wait Time for Backorders.

Use Partition ID

This checkbox indicates whether or not you would like to specify a specific partition to retrieve the data from. If this is checked then the ID and Partition Name edit boxes will be shown.


This code edit box is where you enter the ID of the partition which you would like to retrieve the data from. This can execute any flexscript but just needs to return the ID value. For example if the partition ID of a list is set as the treenode of the object which pushed an item onto the list then the code node("Queue2",model()) could be used to chart the data from the partition which holds the items from Queue2.

Partition Name

This field is used to help name duplicate statistics. The name must be unique among other statistics of the same type of data this means that if you have three different Average Content statistics each one needs a unique name otherwise errors will be shown. This name will be added onto the front of the statistic name so if you name an Average Content statistic "One" then the name that will be displayed on the chart will be One Average Content.

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