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User Commands Reference   

- Adds a new blank User Command.

- Removes the selected User Command.

- Reorder's User Commands Up or Down in the list.

User Commands List - Displays a list of all User Commands. Select a command from the list to edit it.

Name - The name of the User Command. In writing code, this name is the name of the command, ie getlabel().

Parameters - Specifies the parameters that can be passed into the command. Each parameter should be separated by a comma. The following are valid parameter types and their associated Flexscript accessor commands:

  • node/treenode - In Flexscript, use parnode(paramNum) to get the value of the passed in node.
  • obj - Same as node.
  • num - In Flexscript, use parval(paramNum) to get value of the passed in double or int.
  • str - In Flexscript, use parstr(paramNum) to get the value of the string.

Return Type - Specifies the value the command will return. See the above parameters for value return types.

Description - The description displays in the Command Summary.

Example - The example displays in the Command Summary

Code - Here is where you specify the Flexscript, C++ or DLL code for the command.

- Displays this help page.

- Adds the User Command or All User Commands to a User Library as either a Draggable Icon or an Auto-Install Component.

Apply - Saves all changes to the User Command.

Close - Closes the User Command window without saving changes.

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