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Conveyor Module   

The FlexSim Library contains a new set of objects for simulating conveyor systems. Although previous versions of FlexSim had some simple conveyor objects, these new objects are more advanced, feature-rich, and user-friendly.

Here are a few of the useful features of the new conveyor system:

  • Slug Building and Merge Control - You can now enable slug building on conveyors. This will accumulate a slug of items on a conveyor and then release it once the slug is ready. Using this feature in conjunction with the Merge Controller object, you can easily implement saw tooth merges without writing any custom code.
  • Range-Based Transfer Points - Operators can now pick up or drop off items from a range of possible transfer points along the conveyor rather than a single fixed point. This enables easy simulation of picking operations. Also, when picking from a conveyor, operators will automatically predict a proper pick up point on the conveyor based on item speed, operator speed, and distance.
  • Improved Photo Eyes - You can now build more sophisticated logic into Photo Eyes. Photo Eyes can be programmed to trigger certain events or behaviors if they are blocked or if they are clear for a specific amount of time. You can also make more precise adjustments to the height and angle of the photo eye on the conveyor.
  • Decision Points - You can place Decision Point objects on a conveyor to act as a sensor for control logic, or a communication point for other objects, such as the Merge Controller. Decision Points can be used for building complex logic into a conveyor system. Decision Points are also easier to manipulate and place on a conveyor.
  • Improved Movement Controls - FlexSim now has easy controls for simulating item movement along conveyors. For example, there are many possible options for controlling how items transfer between the conveyors, including speed, delay time, and pop-up distance. You can also adjust a roller skew angle on a conveyor, so that items will accumulate on one side of the conveyor if needed. You can also tilt, translate, and rotate items while moving along the conveyor.
  • Cross-conveyor accumulation - FlexSim now simulates better accumulation across multiple conveyor sections.
  • Item Orientation - You can define any orientation for items on a conveyor. This orientation will automatically persist across multiple sections, and will update its calculations to match the object's orientation when the item transfers through side transfers.
  • Power and Free - With the new conveyor system you can simulate power and free systems. Just check a box to enable power and free and then define the chain's dog gap.

The subsequent chapters of the User Manual will explain in detail how to incorporate these new advanced features into your simulation models.

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