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AStar Navigator Reference   

AStar Page

Node Spacing - This is the distance (in model units) between nodes in the A* Navigator's grid. Smaller spacing will allow travel members to move more smoothly and direct, however, more nodes will require more processing time to calculate paths.

Surround Depth - This number specifies the number of nodes that are placed around the outside of the navigator's outer most barriers. This number must be an integer and be greater than 0

Default Path Weight - This is the default path weight for preferred paths. Any newly created preferred paths will be given this value for their path weight.

Deep Search - When checked, the algorithm will perform a deep search when calculating travel paths. For more information on deep search see Concepts - Deep Search.

Draw Modes

Toggle draw modes on or off. For more information on draw modes see Concepts - Draw Modes.


Cache Paths - When checked, the A* Navigator will cache paths to be reused in order to save processing time.

For more information on cached paths see Concepts - Cached Paths.


Status - Select which member lists to view.

Properties - Open the properties window of the selected member.

- Click to enter "Sample" mode then click on an object in the model to add as a member.

- Click to open an object selection window and choose objects to add as members.

- Remove the selected member.

Members List - Displays all of the objects at the currently selected status.

Barriers Page

Filter Barriers - Select a barrier type to filter the Barrier List.

- Add a barrier, divider, one-way divider or preferred path.

- Remove the selected barrier.

- Reorder the selected barrier up or down in the list.

Barriers List - Displays the A* Navigator's barriers.

Name - The name of the barrier. This has no affect on the model, but is for the modeller's convenience.

Path Weight - Preferred Path's only. This is the path weight added to the nodes associated with the path.

Position and Size (Barriers) - Specify the size and position of the barrier.

Points (Dividers/One-Way Dividers/Preferred Paths) - Define x,y positions of each point.

- Add a point to the end.

- Remove the selected point.

- Reorder the selected point up or down in the list.

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